Saturday, September 20, 2008

Thanasis, my "borrowed son"!

Last week was very busy for me!
I started winters' housecleaning, my girls started their lessons in English, German and French so I had a lot of driving to do, our computer wanted a "doctor" and I had to get my oldest daughter to the orthodontic to see her aglets!
However that week had happy events like my birthday and anniversary (thanks everybody for the wishes and love) and ofcourse Thanasis!

Τhanasis was my "son" for four days! He's my brother's-in-law real son ( that means my nephew) and he stayed at my house for a few days because the rest of his family went to aggregate his oldest sister to the university.
At last, our house had a boy...imagine the picture: five girls and one boy!

And he was really a very good boy! He was doing all his homework, eating whatever I was cooking, went to bed at the proper time. He even gave me two flowers as a present for my birthday! So young and yet so gentleman.
Now he's home again! Girls and especially the 3 years old Antonia, misses him. She really liked him! She's waiting for him to come again and play the bo-peep!!!



σκέφτεσε να γίνεις πολύτεκνη?!?

Cláudia said...

Marina, your routine is like mine's. I am the driver of the family with my two daughters. Have you noticed that the flower pots are made of ice cream inside? Look the links of them is in English. But your idea is a great to put them at the kitchen window! A fake one of course.


antigoni said...

Yes, Antonia misses Thanasis a lot. She says: "I like Thanasis. He is very kind." It was very strange. A boy in our house.

Marie Reed said...

5 girls! Does that include you? Do you have 4 girls? Wow!! That is just wonderful! WHat a big briliant family! I want another baby:)

Louise said...

It's always fun to change the mix of things! You are lucky; my girls rarely get to see their cousins except when we visit them.