Monday, September 15, 2008

Greek pizza's reciepe

Lets make something tasty for our family and friends!

What you need for the dough are:

- 500gr of flour
- 5gr of salt
-8gr of sugar
-8gr of instant-dry yeast
-220gr of water
-125gr of olive oil
-5gr of baking powder

Put the water (hot at about 50 C), the sugar, the salt and the oil in a bowl and mix them. Then add the yeast and the flour (you must have mix the flour with the baking powder first). Mix them well. You must have now a very soft dough.

Leave the soft dough to puff and thicken for 30 minutes. Meanwhile prepare the stuffing.You can use whatever you like but I used the following for my greek pizza: ketchup, pieces of olives, tomatoes, peppers and onions, grated feta cheese and origan. Put the dough in a baking tin brushed with olive oil and add all the stuffing as you can see in the photos bellow. Preheat the oven and bake over 180 C for about 30 minutes...

...and THIS IS the resault!!! Ofcourse there are three pizzas in the picture. That is because there are three women in the house with their tastes! The recipe is for the one in the middle.

Try to make it! I'm sure you'll love it!!



Webradio said...

Hello Marina !
I think it's a good pizza's reciepe...

I'll try it tomorrow !

Maria said...

Marina, the Greek pizza looks fine! I'm getting hungry!
Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog, thank you for the compliment that I am these flowers! Sure, your award brought me luck! :)
Hope you can walk in your shoes again after those shocks last Thursday... Sometimes all the bad things happen at once.
Have a better week this week!
Here the weather is really bad from one day to the other, since Sunday we have rain and 9°C in the morning. Is it in Greece also so bad?

Louise said...

YUM! I will try this one day!

Cláudia said...

I loved it for sure. I will try it then I tell you! Are you going well?

ayamlin said...

Hi marina!
It must be incredible!
I know it even if I don't eat it!
Oh!! I wish I ate it!!
When we bake pizza, we bake it in oven or on the pan.
In Greek you put it on the plate, and bake it in oven, don't you?


fantastic recipe - delicious - i have my own vrsion for pizza too:

antigoni said...

I have tasted your pizza and it was delicious. I said it before: You are a very good cook.

Wienermaedel said...

A delicious recipe your greek Pizza!

Anette said...

I've made a pizza almost like that, cause like you've seen, i love feta cheese!
Mmm! it looks lovely!

Dédalus said...

This pizz looks really good, Marina.
Regards from Spain.