Tuesday, September 14, 2010

ABC Wednesday : I for... I love

A few days ago Zacharoula (it's Sugar in English) from the greek blog "Nostimotato" (= Delicious) invited her followers to participate in a game!
Since I'm in a game mood these adays, I'm going to write ten things I love and then choose some friends to play, too!!!
  • 1. I love...travelling to the countyside!
  • 2. I love...drinking coffee in front of the fire place or the sea!
  • 3. I love...cooking and baking!
  • 4. I love...croset!
  • 5. I love...detective series!
  • 6. I love...sunsets and moon lighting!
  • 7. I love...smiling!
  • 8. I love...chocolate!
  • 9. I love...blue color!
  • 10. I love...reading novels!
That was my 'I love list' and as you can see there weren't any persons!
My family and friends have my love and can't be listed!

So now I choose...everybody who feels like a kid and want to play!
Just let me know you did your 'I LOVE LIST'....

Monday, September 13, 2010

A valuable present from a new friend!

A few days ago a new, Greek blogfriend made a game!
She presented 13 pictures of plants and trees next to a list of 13 names and you had to choose the right one for each one.
As I love to play games, I decided to participate.
And....I WON!!!
I chose the right names and then Xanthi, my friend from the blog "Συνταγές της Ασπρούλας", picked my name at the draw!
What is my present???

Two handmade soupla by Xanthi herself!

I'm looking forward to take them in my hands!

Thank you sooo.... much

Thursday, September 9, 2010

ABC Wednesday: H for heroes

Hero is someone who fights for his ideal, for his life or just for people's freedom!
We, in Greece, know well how important is to be free. Although we're so peaceful as a nation, we were forced in many wars because of our position and believes. At that
time many people, men and women and sometimes children had to get ahead of themselves and fight for the right! These people weren't just Greeks. Several countries helped us win our freedom.
All these thoughts came up when, a fe
w days ago, being in Mons (a town in Belgium), we were part of a parade of soldiers and tanks, trucks and nurses who were celebrating the freedom of the town at the second world war. For a few minutes I was there, when this parade really happened for the first time. Believe me, it was very touching...