Tuesday, September 14, 2010

ABC Wednesday : I for... I love

A few days ago Zacharoula (it's Sugar in English) from the greek blog "Nostimotato" (= Delicious) invited her followers to participate in a game!
Since I'm in a game mood these adays, I'm going to write ten things I love and then choose some friends to play, too!!!
  • 1. I love...travelling to the countyside!
  • 2. I love...drinking coffee in front of the fire place or the sea!
  • 3. I love...cooking and baking!
  • 4. I love...croset!
  • 5. I love...detective series!
  • 6. I love...sunsets and moon lighting!
  • 7. I love...smiling!
  • 8. I love...chocolate!
  • 9. I love...blue color!
  • 10. I love...reading novels!
That was my 'I love list' and as you can see there weren't any persons!
My family and friends have my love and can't be listed!

So now I choose...everybody who feels like a kid and want to play!
Just let me know you did your 'I LOVE LIST'....


Anonymous said...

lovely love in I...

Anonymous said...

How refreshingly hopeful. May you all have a wonderful Wednesday.

daily athens

photowannabe said...

Here are 10 things that I love...
1. blogging
2. photography
3. ice cream
4. the mountains
5. vacations
6. babies
7. flowers and their fragrance
8. having company
9. my church
10.my new house
Of course at the very top of my list is my wonderful husband and our 2 sons, their wives and the precious grandchildren.

Leslie: said...

Well, I loved reading your list and there were a few there I can admit I love, too! :D

Kay L. Davies said...

I love so many of the same things!
And I love cats(1) and dogs (2), and other furry things (3), and beautiful birds(4) and flowers(5).
I love lakes(6) and rivers(7) and streams(8) and waterfalls(9).
You said drinking coffee by the sea, but I also love the sea, so does that count as 10?

Alberta, Canada

Roger Owen Green said...

I love your loving post.
ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Leo said...

chocolate.. a universal love apparantly :D


Naomi said...

Hi, this is my first time to visit your blog, I also like color blue because i really like the sky.

Anette said...

Reference to no. 8: are you entering the Culinary Smackdown, being in Belgium, the land of dark and heavenly chocolate?
There is still time!


Denise said...

What a lovely idea. It's fun to see what your likes. Here are mine.

1. I love...laughing at my husband’s corny jokes.
2. I love...spontaneous get-together’s with my son and daughter-in-law.
3. I love...being with my friends.
4. I love...watching wildlife, especially in their nature habitat.
5. I love... walking around nature reserves, parks and botanical gardens.
6. I love.... traveling when the opportunity comes my way.
7. I love... drinking hot chocolate in the wintertime.
8. I love...eating chocolate.
9. I love...deep red colors.
10. I love...cooking and baking.

stallie said...

Miss you!!! Hope you are doing fine! Just hope to hear soon something soon!

Tamara Jansen said...

Hey how have you been? Your love list tells me you are doing well. Take good care!

Dejti said...

You have a very nice blog. And i really like it.

Reader Wil said...

I love to entertain visitors, reading, having coffee, listening to classical music, doing puzzles( sudoku, cryptograms), cycling with friends, hearing the voices of my children and grandchildren, seeing them, I love blogging and taking photos.
If you come to Gouda you are not far from where I live! You could come to my place if you like and have coffee and a meal!