Sunday, October 17, 2010

In memory of Tereza.

I'm getting through a very difficult and sad period! No, no it's not my new home...Living in Belgium was a wonderful surprise for me! I like everything here...It's a horrible fact that I couldn't even speak or write for that...But I decided that today I must take it out of me! After all it happened a month ago...

I was ready to celebrate my birthday and wedding aniversarry. I had invited some friends and had written down the menu for the food and chocolate cake that I was going to cook. Suddenly a phonecall from Greece changed everything and most of all put us in deep sadness.The voice was from my mom. "Your mother-in-law has passed away" she said to us. It was one of the most difficult nights of my life with my husband! He was so, so shocked and I was too. SHE was his mom and SHE was my second mom ! We spent the hole night trying to find a way to go to Greece as soon as possible and finally next noon we flied towards our home.
I don't want to describe you the following days in Greece. You can understand what these days meant to us and how they affected us.
My mother in low, Tereza , was 83 years old and lived happily with her husband for 60 years. SHE had three sons, three daughters in low and five grand children. SHE was the most kind and generous woman I know. "Giving" was her moto of life. And she was giving us everything: love, help, presents. SHE taught me how to crochet and embroider. SHE was helping everybody who needed help, even people she hardly knew.

I enjoyed the moments when we were drinking coffee together, when we were crochet, when we were going to the country to pick up wild herbs.

I'll love and remember her for ever.
Her pure sole will be my guide.
Her love for me will warm my heart.


Ξανθή said...

Μαρίνα, που χάθηκες!!
Σας εύχομαι κι από εδώ να είστε πάντα καλά και να έχετε μέσα στην καρδιά σας τις καλύτερες αναμνήσεις από την πεθερά σου.
Πολλά φιλιά

Anette said...

I'm so sorry for your loss! Losing a person who are close to you is very hard! Take care of each other!

Reader Wil said...

How sad, Marina! And you being so far away! I understand that this is a very difficult and sad time for you and your husband and the children. I wish you much strength and support.

Reader Wil said...

As soon as you want to meet me I'll tell you my address! You are very welcome.

ayamlin said...

Hi Marina!
I'm pleaseded you spent good time in Belgium but I'm feeling sorry about your mother-in-law.
You, your family and she was good family.
the more you get along with somebody, the more you feel sad when you have to say good bye to the person.
In Japan sometimes it's difficult to get along with wife and her mother-in-law.
How about your country?

stallie said...

Hi Marina,
So sorry to read about this!! It is very hard having to face this kind of loss! Must have been quite hard to travel back to Greece in these kind of circumstances!
Next week I will be at home because we have vacation. If you want to you can come over for tea and some cake! Or I can try to meet up with you somewhere in Brussels!
Just let me know what you prefer!
Love, Caroline

rena said...

Πέρασα να πω ένα γειά και καλή εβδομάδα!