Friday, October 31, 2008

SkyWatch : The author's view

Aggelos Sikelianos is a wellknown author in Greece and worldwide. He was born in 1884 and died in 1951. His writing comprises poems, literary work and Greek tragedy. He was a candidate for the Nobel prize. During his life he used to stay at Salamina, among other places. He had a quaint little house near the sea. In fact that's the reason he had chosen to write in that house. He used to put a small table at the balcony and as he was enjoying the outlook of the sea from the one side and a hummock full of pines from the other, he wrote his best poems.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

ABC WEDNESDAY: O for Overworking during last three-day

My hubby's name-day was three days ago, on 26th of October. That morning we all dressed with our formal clothes and went to the church. We took an altar-bread (prosforo in greeks) with a piece of paper where I had written our names and also our family's and friends' names-the priest reads the names for good health and share the bread to the people.

On the way home my stress was bigger and bigger. Would I be ready on time?
I was cooking, tiding and adorning the house at the same time!
It was 7:30pm when I decided that it was time for a hot bath, dressing up and painting my face.
As soon as I got in the bath tab the earth started shaking. Yes, it was an earthquake! Luckily a small one! After a minute shock, I carried on everything like I had planned them. After all I was waiting fifty people to come and I hadn't time for any fears!

At 9:00pm our friends and family started to come.Five minutes before the first guest came I looked at my house. Everything was bright and clear! The flowers where beautifully decorated in the vases, the canddles were lighted and the food was served in big platters.

I heard so many compliments about my skills in cooking that we thought with my hubby that maybe its time to start a restaurant bussiness!!!

After four hours everybody had gone.And I had to wash the dishes and clean the house all over again! But I was so happy that everything went so well that I did everything in no-time. Finally I went to bed at 2:30am.

Next day was very important for us Greeks. You see, we had the school celebrations for the anniversary of "NO" to the fascism of Mousolini (of Italy, on 28th of October, in 1940) . After that "NO" Greece participate the second world war. So the children say poems and take part in acts enacting those days. They also march through the streets the day after, in order to honor the heros who died in the fights with the Italians and later the Hitler's German fascists .

After these three days of craze, I believe that it's time for me to rest.
So...goodnight everybody...see you tomorrow on the

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

ABC WEDNESDAY: N for Name-day

Everydody in my family knows that this time of the year is dedicated to the housecleaning. I start from the ceiling and finish to the floor. Dust is my enemy and I finally win it! You'll wonder why I am so crazy about it! First of all, I don't work outside my house and I have to peddle to something my energy. Secondly my hubby celebrates his name-day at 26th of October and I have to prepare everything soon enough for our family and friends. I adorn the house with flowers, the tables with fresh ironing table linen, I light some candles and start a fire if the weather is cold and last but not least I COOK!!! I have already made a list about the food I'm going to cook in that day. No, I won't tell you a thing!!! You're all invited to come! Or other wait to see my post for this day!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Today's Flowers: Marigold and its friend...

Last Friday my youngest daughter went on a jaunt with her school.
They went to a huge piece of land where the owners make wine from their own grapes. The name of this land was "Evharis" which means hapiness.

If you want to learn more about it click here!

She returned home full of happiness and laughing and she hugged me warmly hiding something in her hands. She said that she had a small present for me and she opened her handful. Two small flowers were in there: a marigold (katifes in greeks) and a small velvety one in a purple colour which I don't know how it's called. I gave her many kisses and put the flowers in a coffee cup.

Then she told me :
"I didn't know what else to bring you as a present from my jaunt...It's cheap-jack, isn't it mom?"
"No dear!" I said."It's priceless for me that you went on a jaunt and you thought to bring something to me! Thanks a lot!"

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

15th of October: day devoted to Povetry

ABC WEDNESDAY: M for Memories...

As I was cleaning the loft, I found a carton which stashed all my life as a child:

my beloved bags, the brown one was from Australia (it was a present from an aunt) and the white one was my mother's creation,

my photo albums (with a large collection of Brook Shields' and Kris Atkins' photos but also Charlies' Angels'),

diaries from primary school and high school,

all the pictures that I had drawn (so many of them...),

and the handkerchieves I used to take with me at school, the collars of my school costume and the plushed ribbons that I used to wear at my neck when I was singing with the chorus of my school.

So many happy memories just in a small box...
Years of innocence and purity!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

ABC WEDNESDAY:L for Live - Love - Laugh

This is what Life is about:

LIVE: you have one chance in this world so live as well as you can,
enjoy every day,
make your dreams come true- it's never too late!

LOVE: open your hurt and love the animals, the nature, the people,
someone out there needs you,
someone over there cares for you!

LAUGH: think positive and optimistic, life is wonderful,
you are beautiful when you smile,
you earn years of your life when you laugh!

We all deserve a good life and our goal must be making it happen
despite of the difficulties!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Camera-Critters: Snippet!

This is my friend Snippet.
He lives with his family in my house. Don't ask me where, I don't really know! When I first saw his parents I was so much scared that I shouted for help like I had seen a...crocodile!

He has many brothers and sisters but they don't annoy me. They just eat all the insects that approach my balcony's lights. As soon as the winter comes they disappear and I see them again when the summer comes.
So long Snippet!!!
See you next summer!!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

SkyWatch Friday : The burning sky

It was yesterday afternoon when I saw this image in the sky.
I took my camera and the result was...this and a terrible cold!