Friday, August 27, 2010

My World Tuesday:Cooking greek!

A few days ago we celebrated Saint (Agio) Fanourio.
As our tradition say, we make a cake the day before the celebration or the same day using 7 or 9 ingredients.
Then we give pieces of the cake to the people around us.We use to make this cake during the year too, when we lose something and we call Saint Fanourio to help us find it.
It was a little bit strange this year cause I had to share my cake with people I didn't know.So I rolled some pieces in a paper and using the translator of google I wrote a small note in French about who I am and what was the cake about. Then I knocked the door of the apartment downstairs. A middle aged woman opened the door. She was really
surprised!!! She thanked me and I was so reliefed that I made the right thing. Half an hour later a man was standing in front of my door with a "welcome" bottle of wine. He was her husband! I felt so good!!! My cake was the reason to meet some of my neighbors!My cake was a big success and so were my dolmadakia!
Thanks to my mum who prepared some vases with leaves
I managed to roll several of them and we had a delicious lunch!

If you want to eat(LOL)-sorry- to see more of the world follow...
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Thank you My World Team!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

ABC Wednesday: F for a new Friend

It was a bright, beautiful day. I took the subway, alone for the first time and travelled towards the station I had set the date. I was pretty nervous because I was going to meet a person I was blogging with for the last two or three months. I didn't know much of her and her life.
As I was travelling I was wondering if I could recognise her face . After all I had seen her only through her blog.But as the ladder was going up I saw her in the crowd waiting. I was 15 minutes belated but she was very kind to complein.
For the next four hours we chated like old friends, sharing small secrets about our family and life. We ate something light (a sandwich and tuna pizza) and then
something...heavy ( ice cream!!!).

A few days later I recieved a pretty card from her with wishes and a warm welcome to Belgium.

How kind and sensitive of her!!!

That's how I met Stallie my new Belgian Friend!
I hope she will be one of the reasons, I'll love my new place!
Thank you ABC group for let me share with you my story!
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Monday, August 23, 2010

My Belgium!

I'm living for almost a month here in Brussels.
During this month we've visited many places and I'm ready to share the pictures with you! It's a way for you to see how I've spent these days...
the flower carpet in Grand Place

a fountain made by
chocolate (yummy!!!)
Dinant, a city on the river Meuse
mussels, french fries
and beer,
the Belgian traditional specialite
(the reason I've earned ...kilos!)

Roermond, the outlet village in the Netherlands
(the reason my wallet is empty!)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

New country, new apartment, new...template!

A few months ago I couldn't imagine how everything would change in my family's life! I was trying to find a new job, my children were planning their next moves about their education and my hubby was thinking about his transfer to a new office. He didn't know at that time that his transfer meant a transfer for our family to a new country!
The timing was perfect for us as Greece is dealing with one of the most difficult periods in its history which means that people are and shall suffer a lot, for a long time.
So we packed our things and here we a new apartment next to the metro station, in front of a park full of trees and flowers, near to lots of shops that make our living easier. We decorated it with our furntitures and paintings and ...

welcome !!!

Renovation in my life, renovation in my blog too!
What do you think for my new "look"?
Isn't it girly and...handmade?