Wednesday, August 18, 2010

New country, new apartment, new...template!

A few months ago I couldn't imagine how everything would change in my family's life! I was trying to find a new job, my children were planning their next moves about their education and my hubby was thinking about his transfer to a new office. He didn't know at that time that his transfer meant a transfer for our family to a new country!
The timing was perfect for us as Greece is dealing with one of the most difficult periods in its history which means that people are and shall suffer a lot, for a long time.
So we packed our things and here we a new apartment next to the metro station, in front of a park full of trees and flowers, near to lots of shops that make our living easier. We decorated it with our furntitures and paintings and ...

welcome !!!

Renovation in my life, renovation in my blog too!
What do you think for my new "look"?
Isn't it girly and...handmade?


Reader Wil said...

I am glad that you love your new apartment. It looks very nice and I hope that you will all enjoy life in Belgium! Thanks for your visit!

stallie said...

You made me smile so many times!!! Check out the blog there might be something you like to read! Today I came across a magazine in Greek! Coincidence? Nope, I don't think so!!

ayamlin said...

Hi Marina!
Your new apartment looks so nice, comfortable and beautiful!
I wanna go over to your apartment!
By the way can I ask you something? Your kids can speak other countries's languages?
In Japan most children can't do it and also most Japanese are not good at speaking even English.
but if when we're children and we go abroad and live there for some reasons, they can speak English of course.
So I wish I lived in other countries when I was a child. Ahaha!
I have an image western people can pronounce English and other languages!

Anette said...

It looks like you're getting settled and comfortable! Have the children started their new school yet? Your blog looks very nice and handcrafted!

Denise said...

I wish you and your family much happiness in your new home Marina. It looks lovely :)

Kay L. Davies said...

Just last night my husband and I were talking about Greece and... Belgium. We are going to visit Belgium and the Netherlands next spring on a tour with Viking River Cruises.
I have a friend who was born in Belgium but spent almost all of her life here in Canada. Now her daughter has married and is living in Turkey. I'm very sorry Greece is going through such a difficult time, but it has a long history and has come through a lot. I'm sure all will be well eventually.
It is hard for us here in Canada to imagine having such a long history because our country is so young. Thank you for commenting on my blog. I agree, we are not taking good care of the earth, and I often wonder what will be left for our grandchildren.

aka Penelope said...

Oh my goodness, all that chocolate is mouthwatering! I like your new apartment … looks very homey after you furnished it. Also, looks like you’re very much on the way to enjoying your new life.

Naomi said...

Wow your house is so lovely