Wednesday, August 25, 2010

ABC Wednesday: F for a new Friend

It was a bright, beautiful day. I took the subway, alone for the first time and travelled towards the station I had set the date. I was pretty nervous because I was going to meet a person I was blogging with for the last two or three months. I didn't know much of her and her life.
As I was travelling I was wondering if I could recognise her face . After all I had seen her only through her blog.But as the ladder was going up I saw her in the crowd waiting. I was 15 minutes belated but she was very kind to complein.
For the next four hours we chated like old friends, sharing small secrets about our family and life. We ate something light (a sandwich and tuna pizza) and then
something...heavy ( ice cream!!!).

A few days later I recieved a pretty card from her with wishes and a warm welcome to Belgium.

How kind and sensitive of her!!!

That's how I met Stallie my new Belgian Friend!
I hope she will be one of the reasons, I'll love my new place!
Thank you ABC group for let me share with you my story!
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mrsnesbitt said...

Oh wonderful! I have met up with fellow bloggers and it is indeed a great feeling!
Thanks so much for sharing this with us all.

ABC Team xx

Reader Wil said...

How great to meet one of your blogging friends! I saw on the card written:"hartelijke groetjes".
That's what I am going to say to you to now. Hartelijke groeten! Dear Marina!

Roger Owen Green said...

A lovely story. I've met a few bloggers, and it's great.

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Anna said...

'Friend' is the very best F-word of all! Thanks for sharing this story! You'll see why I like your choice of F-word here:
Anna's abcWed-F-words

Best wishes,

ayamlin said...

Hi Marina!
I'm happy to hear that!
You' re happy it means I'm happy!
I'm pleased you had good time with Stallie!
and I wanna see you in person, too!

stallie said...

Thanks for these very kind words!! I was a lovely Greek restaurant (we stand in front of it while we were wandering through my favorite neighbourhood' and while tasting the most devine food and wine you were in my thaughts many times! Greece has for sure found a spot into my heart!

Maria said...

Dear Marina,
thank you for your visit on my blog and your kind words!
I'm OK, the reason why I have not been posting during the last weeks is that I was very active this summer, swimming, hiking, enjoying all these outdoor activities, and I lost some weight following the weight-watchers' programme which also cost me some energy and time.
I hope to spend more time with blogging in autumn :)
I'm so glad to see that you like your new home in Brussels! And how nice to get a hearty welcome from a Belgian blogger friend! Have a good time ahead"

Vita said...

Χαίρομαι που μου έδωσες την αφορμή να σε βρω.καλή διαμονή στο Βέλγιο

antigoni said...

I'm very happy for you sis! You need all the good friends in a new place. After all you are a very good person and everybody love to have you as a friend. Είμαι κουκουβάγια?

Denise said...

I have yet to meet up with any bloggers and I look forward to that day. So happy you had a lovely time Marina. I agree with Antigoni's comments. We would all be very lucky to have you as a friend.
An English Girl Rambles

Anette said...

If you want to compete in the culinary smackdown, post something on your blog related to chocolate, and give me a message that you have done it! then you're in!
Leave the message as a comment on one of my posts or send me an email, if you still have my adresse! :-)