Friday, October 29, 2010

Reading and hoping...

In the two last months I had the opportunity to read two wonderful books.

The first one is called " The bride was wearing black clothes " and its author is Sofi Theodoridou.

The story is about a young girl who has lost her family during the Minor Asia catastrophe and arrived in Greece as a refugee. We can watch her life through the years, which was difficult and hard as a woman and mother.
She had challenged her fate when she wore a black wedding dress...

The second one is " The island ".

The author is Victoria Hislop.
She's an English woman who travelled to Greece and wrote a book which is selling like crazy all over the world! It's a best seller and it has won awards in England. Its story is about Spinalonga, an island next to Crete, for people who were suffering from leprosy . You can see through it the sadness and disaster of the sick families, the life at the island and finally how the cure infuenced people's life.
At this moment greek tv channel " Mega" has made it the most succesful television series and we're happy to watch such a wonderful work. Imagine that the author rejected Hollywood for a greek channel!!!

Reading them you can feel the sence of hope and love. You can see that even if you're desperate or depressed at the moment something good is coming soon.

*You can read more about the books and their authors if you click on their names. Under them you can find their official sites.


Tamara Jansen said...

I hope that things are looking up for you so far away......and I have added the airport to my wish list as you suggested!!!

Denise said...

Victoria Hislop not only sounds like a wonderful writer but a lady with integrity. I would enjoy reading this book and the other also. Thanks Marina, a very interesting post indeed. Have a great weekend my friend.

Reader Wil said...

They sound like great books! Is there an English translation!
How wonderful that Antigone is coming. I am at home! We must try and find a possibility to meet! You can come to my place if you want! It would be wonderful!