Monday, September 13, 2010

A valuable present from a new friend!

A few days ago a new, Greek blogfriend made a game!
She presented 13 pictures of plants and trees next to a list of 13 names and you had to choose the right one for each one.
As I love to play games, I decided to participate.
And....I WON!!!
I chose the right names and then Xanthi, my friend from the blog "Συνταγές της Ασπρούλας", picked my name at the draw!
What is my present???

Two handmade soupla by Xanthi herself!

I'm looking forward to take them in my hands!

Thank you sooo.... much


Denise said...

What a fun game and lovely prizes too. Good day to you Marina and have a wonderful week.
An English Girl Rambles

Ξανθή said...

Μαρίνα σε ευχαριστώ κι εγώ για την ανάρτηση σου κι εύχομαι να είσαι πάντα τυχερή!!!
Σε λίγες μέρες θα είναι εκεί το δώρο σου.

Δημιουργία said...

Σου εύχομαι να εισαι παντα τυχερη στη ζωή σου!