Thursday, September 18, 2008

Happy anniversary sweety!!! myspace graphic comments

I can't believe that 15 years of marriage are behind us! Years of happiness and love! Beautiful and sad things has happened in our common life but we're getting through everything together!
I wish the next years will bring us more tenderness and felicity! I love you my sweet hubby!!! myspace graphic comments


Marie Reed said...

How sparkly, happy, and exciting! Happy anniversary and happy birthday! Wow!

Louise said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! I LOVE it when married people are happy!

ayamlin said...

Hi! marina!
Happy aniversarry!
I wanna be like you guys:)
thank you for sharing your hapiness with me:)



antigoni said...

Happy Anniversary, sis. I wish you and your hubby all the love for many, many, many years more.

Maria said...

Congratulations and happy anniversary! So good news that 15 years have deepened your love!
Thank you also for your nice nice words on my blog!
Today I looked up salamina on google earth - wow what a beautiful place, near Athens!
Well then, have a nice weekend - you will celebrate and celebrate and celebrate ... :)

Müge Tekil said...

Happy Anniversary Dear Marina!

Your smiling photo with your husband tells a lot about your love for each other and your harmony! I wish both of you endless happiness and joy together with your beautiful daughters! :-)

Friendly regards from Istanbul,