Monday, August 4, 2008

Summer Memories

Hi everybody! I'm back... a little taner and one kilo fatter!
Let's see together my photo album from my holidays:

This is the beach where we swam every day.
It's sandy , clean and the water is crystal clear.

My children are swimming...

Me playing with the camera...

These are my young daughter Alexandra and
her friend Paris making castles in the sand.

The place was full of pines and olive trees.

The children had a great time with their
old and new friends.

Ten days of relaxing...I wish it was more!!!


Jenny said...

Oh my Heavens! It's gorgeous! I don't believe I'm ever seen water in person that is SO beautiful! How clear and blue! I'm so glad you had a lovely time. I'm sure it's a trip no one will soon forget.


P.S. With the olive trees, did they have olives on them, and could you pick them?

marina said...

We collect olives around November from our land. Then we put them in sacks and carry over them to the local olive mill. So we eat our oil through the whole year. Wait until November to see the photos.


Βλέπω πως μια χαρά περνάς και εσύ!