Sunday, August 24, 2008

The magical eyes

It seems to me that my husband's eyes bewitched our computer and my blog! At first I couldn't post any pictures and then our P/C collapsed. What could I do but waiting for the computer to be fixxed!!! By WHOM? The Bob the Builter beloved husband!!!

My sister invited us to Evia so we'll leave for a few days.
Please, don't go away! I'll be back soon with new posts and photos!



i would love to hear all about evia when you gt back!

ayamlin said...

Hi Marina!
Thank you for chosing me your favorite blog!
I didn't know I could do that.
So I chose you my favorite blog, too:)
by the way have fun at your sister's house:)
please come back safe and sound:)

Jenny said...

We look forward to your return Marina! Have a wonderful time.