Saturday, August 9, 2008

Enjoying handicraft!

Handicraft helps me to relax and create beautiful things.
I started this when I was twelve years old .
In fact, my grandmother taught me how to knit.
This is what I'm working on .
It starts as a piece of linen fabric and leads to ...

... a knitted linen.
I've made 27 pieces and I need 21 to finish a tablecloth.

It'll look like this in the end.
Isn't it pretty?



i used to do a lot of this when i was young - i have gone onto more modern forms of craftwork instead, like quilting and patchwork. but what you are making is beautiful!

Jenny said...

Absolutley gorgeous, Marina! How long does it take you to do one square? When you say you have done 27 squares and need 21, do you mean you need 21 more?

My mom has done something similar, and it's always beautiful. I've never learned, but now I may need to. Does it have a specific name?

Titania said...

Marina, this is very, very beautiful. I did similar work, and I know how many hours and dedication goes into it. In the end it will be something really special. Your SWF pictures are also very beautiful. Found you there!


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