Thursday, November 25, 2010

To blog or not to blog!

Three days ago, I recieved an invitation from my friend Vita .
It's about the five things I like and dislike about blogging. It was an opportunity for me to share my feelings and thoughts with my readers and friends.

When I first started blogging, my friends and family told me that internet hides many bad people and their secrets, that my life would be an open book to everybody. I was a bit afraid about that but I continued to make a blog.
That's how " Marina's life and family " was born...

LOVE about blogging:
1) During these years I've met so beautiful people that I couldn't imagine, people from foreign countries and from my own country too! It's amazing that some times we're in the internet area at the same time!
2) I've recieved love, presents and strength when I had difficulties from people I hardly knew and now name them as "my friends".
3) I enjoy their company when I'm reading their posts and learn what they do, cook or creat.
4) They give me many ideas about making things.
5) I'm really happy when I check my comments and see that I've many of them. I love having people at my "home".

HATE about blogging:
1) Time is never enough for a woman, especially if she's a blogger too! And I need a lot of time to visit others, to write comments, to make a post...
2) My English aren't perfect so I need help to make a post which means more time.
3) I'm very angry when after finishing my housework, helping children with their homework e.t.c. find our TWO pcs occupied.
4) I find rude the way some people comment blogs using inappropriate words and unfair critisicm.
5) My blog misses "the salt and the pepper" and that's something I have to fix to make it better.

If you liked this game don't hesitate to play it! You're all invited!
I give personal invitations to Aya, Stalie, Anette, Rena and Denise!

My hot cup of coffee is ready, outside is snowing and I'm so bored to do housecleaning today but...I have to!!!

So good day everybody and take care!


rena said...

A ευχαριστώ για την πρόσκληση,ωραίο παιχνίδι θα το παίξω κι εγώ!

Denise said...

Hello my friend, I loved reading your answers and will play in a day or so. It's Thanksgiving here and I will be leaving soon to go to our daughter-in-law's parents home. Have a great weekend.

stallie said...

Hello Marina,

I LOVE (and this for sure) about blogging:

- putting my thaughts and feelings down on a keyboard and share them with others
- meeting and discovering tons of interesting people from all over the world (You came into my life thanks to the blog!)
- using my imagination without being disturbed
- time for reflection and then being able to put things in the right perspective
- learning tons of new things about countries, cultures, nature, cities, trends, fashion,.....

I hate blogging because:

- I sometimes forget time while blogging and time catches always up with me
- it can create some misunderstandings (a writen word you can't take back that easily)
- I sometimes seem to forget the limits of the digital world and I get backfired at!
- I once in a while then seem to be a rather less social person to my loved ones
- typos and editing take up so much extra time in which I could have writen already a second entry! ;-))

Hope that you like the snow that it about to come down the next few days or weeks. Hope that we can catch up very soon!

Loved to play!

ayamlin said...

Hi Marina!
it's interesting!
I can't come up with 5 things but I'm happy to meet you and other friends on the blog and it was good to start to post the blog.
I had never imagined I was able to become good friends in other countries!
and yes, as you say we don't have enough time to post the blog.
but I wanna post the blog once a while.

Anonymous said...

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