Thursday, November 11, 2010

An award for hard working moms!

Today Rena gave me an award!

It's for the woman who is a mother, a housewife, a worker... and is fighting day by day to keep her family united and well!
Thank you my friend!

Now I'm going to give it to:


You all deserve it girls!!!


stallie said...

Thank you!!! Feel honored! And you for sure deserved it as well! Keep up the good work. Hope that we can find some dry spot to get together for something sweet and hot! Have a nice weeken! Love,


Λίνα said...

Μαρίνα σε ευχαριστούμε πάρα πολύ.
Εγώ το παρέλαβα.
Καλό Σ/Κ.

Tamara Jansen said...

Oh Marina, that is just so sweet! I have been so busy the last week with work and family, I am afraid I might just lose my mind.....this little blessing was just what the doctor ordered.

I wish you just as many blessings in return!

Vita said...

Όμορφο και "ζεστό" το βραβείο σου καλή μου. Ετοιμάζω post παραλαβής :-)

Anette said...

Thanks, Marina! This is an honor!
I'd like you to send me your new adresse, soon it is time for Christmas cards you know!