Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Spring brings flowers all over the earth.
It brings also the biggest celebration for christians: Easter!
This year,as every year,
I made our tradition sweets,
and tsourekia.
I painted the red eggs
and prepared some baskets
for my children's godmathers and grandparents.
Last night, as it was the Holy Saturday, we stayed at the church until one o'clock a.m. and then all my family shared the resurrectional dinner.
We ate mageiritsa
- m..m..m.. my mom cooks it perfectly
every year -
clinked red eggs.

While I'm writing these lines, the men of my family are roasting a lamp on a spit! That's our tradition for Easter!
I wish eveybody


to you and your families!


Maria said...

Dear Marina, Happy Easter to you and your family! Your traditional way to celebrate Easter looks very good! Have a nice holiday!

ayamlin said...

Hi Marina!
Happy Easter!
I wanna eat some koulourakia!
It looks like bread!
Is it a kind of bread?
I wanna eat fresh baked koulourakia!

Denise said...

How lovely Marina, wonderful Easter traditions from Greece. Happy Easter to you and all your beautiful family.

Mediterranean kiwi said...

xronia polla!
elpizo i mera na pige kala!

Me said...

hmmm yummy...just love food..

have a good start of the week!

Short Poems said...

Yummmmmmmmy, great food :)

Enjoy this beautiful Easter time :D

Marinela x

antigoni said...

We had great time both of the holy days and i thank you for everything.

Ann said...

Is clinking red eggs a greek tradition?

What a coincidence, I did Economics in University too.