Sunday, April 18, 2010

Goodbye Greece...bonjour brussels!!!

Yes, the title is right: we're moving to bruxxeles- Belgium!
I hadn't realised it until I saw it written down!
A few days ago my hubby came home from his work and told me that he's been transferred to bruxxeles! After the first moments I had a million questions about schools, houses, how we will move our furniture, how is the weather there...
I'm so nervous and excited about everything!
I have so many things to think about! And so many decisions to make! But I have also three months ahead to take care of everything.

The only thing I know is that we're moving to a beautiful country, different from mine, more organized but rainy too! The communication is an issue for me too, since I don't speak French or Flemish. I'll probably use the language of my hands!!!

If you want to see what Bruxelles look like watch the following video...


Denise said...

Marina, how exciting!!!! I am sure your family will be visiting you often. I am also sure you will be speaking Belgique and getting along just great but use that beautiful smile of yours, it will say all. Sign language is good too ;)

Anette said...

How exciting and scary!
I guess you'll have to go to a French class to learn the language! What about your kids, what do they think? Do you move permanently or just for a period?

Maria said...

I can imagine how excited you are! For how long will you and your family live in Brussels? Are your children excited too?

ayamlin said...

Hi Marina!
I'm so surprised at it.
How's Antigoni's family?
It must be a really exciting but tough decision, right?
If I were you, could I decide it?!
Oh, I'm jealous of you!
You're a really strong woman!
by the way I like Belgium, too.
Actually I used to have a friend there even though he passed away few years ago.
That's why Belgium is one of special countries for me.
I'm looking forward to seeing your new life.
I'm rooting for you!
By the way do you know which blood type you are?
in Japan we say each blood type has each character.

stallie said...

Hi Marina,

I don't know if you got my reply! I can't read any Greek and so I did not know what button to push to leave behind a comment!
Just want to let you know that we will for sure love to meet up with you all in Brussels! We lived down there for three years and it was for me a very inspiring time. Overijse is very near!
There is an other nice video on Brussels on my blog (the month Dezember 2009 with as well sun in it!).
We also know some good restaurants and places to go in Brussels. Just let me know how we can communicate a bit better because exchanging by mail and/or phone.
Politics is basically everywhere the same but in some nations people feel political taken more seriously. Her voting seems the only way to call out for them.
Don't give up down there. My parents had to make big sacrifices to make the numbers in order to get into the European common currency! As a teacher I am very used to doing more with less. It makes me a very independent and creative person.
In case you want to find a good language class I do know the place to go in Brussels.
Hope to hear soon from you!
Love from your Belgian friend who can't wait to show you around and make you feel at home in the capital of Europe!!