Sunday, March 14, 2010

God's wisdom makes me strong...

When everything goes wrong, when unhappy things happen, something good will appear to make me feel better and give me a smile.God is always here no matter what...

Lately I was feeling something like this...

...lots of clouds, a little sun.

Greece is dealing an economic crisis, the most serious since the second world war.
My part time job was just for 8 months, so now I'm unemployed again.The prices are going up and up and the goverment decreased the salaries.
I often wonder how we'll bypasse the problems and continue with our life.

By the time all these were happening two beautiful gifts came from my friends Tamara and Aya.
I feel so blessed to make so good friends through blogging!

Tamara, your children are more than gifted and you're a lucky mom to have them! All these months I'm following your blog I can see that your family has strong bonds and love. That's a huge success due to the parents. Thank you so much for the CDs! I really feel honored that you send them to me!

Aya, you always know when you must make your move to make me feel happy! May be you sense it, I don't know... I keep everything in my bedroom.

I see them every morning and say "good morning Aya" and every night and say "good night Aya"!

I'm sorry girls I didn't write sooner althought I recieved them several days ago, but I was facing some computer problems.

I dedicate you both the greek song " Which sea is hidding you..."
which is sung by the greek band named KARMA.


Maria said...

Dear Marina, thank you for your nice words on my blog. I do wish you all the best in these hard times. I feel with you and hopefully everything will soon change for the better. Kind regards and best wishes, Maria

Denise said...

Marina, I am so sorry that there are such difficult times in Greece and I am so sorry you lost your job. Please know you are always in my thoughts and I hope for Greece's recovery very soon. Blessings to you and all your family.

Maria said...

It's really a bitter time for Greece and what we can see from the newspapers, there seems to be a lot of corruption. The state has been in the grip of a hundred or so families for decades who controlled politics and business. My husband's sister is married for 40 years in Saloniki now and has 4 children, her husband was an international fish merchant and he lost his business now, went bankrupt. The banks went mad. Legal certainty in Greece is not what it is in Austria.
We think that Greece has one great advantage: their family bods. Families must stick together during the next 10 years, and the industrious and the honest will overcome these bitter times.

It's difficult to say anything about the situation from the distance, but we keep our fingers crossed for you, for your family and for your country.

antigoni said...

Beautiful words for our friends, sis! Love you! You chose a great song.

ayamlin said...

Hi Marina!
I'm really happy just imagining you always say morning and good night to me.
Thank you Marina.
Because you make me feel happy.
actually I'm depressed since yesterday. but my friends make me feel better also you make me feel happy. So I got much energy.

and I'm sorry I didn't know economic crisis happened in your coutnry. That's why I wrote " you must be busy because of your job and your houseworks. "
I'm so sorry! it's not good word now.

I'm not sure economic crisis in your country is the worst or economic crisis in japan is the worst?!
I'm embarassed I say it but Japanese politicians are not good.
Because they think about only their benefit. They don't think about people. They waste our money and they don't use it for things that they have to use.
Probably most of them get money behind us from the many companies.
Japan has a lots loan and we pay high tax but we're not gonna get paid pension in the future.

sometimes I want to throw my country away and move to another country.

I always ware a bracelet from you.
I'm gonna pray for you anr antigoni.
I want you to hang in there and live safe and sound.
Is there something can I do?