Sunday, November 30, 2008

Today's Flowers: A tiny flower from my pot

I have this plant for two years and it was the first time it blossomed.
The flowers were so tiny that I didn't notice that from the start.
But when I saw them I couldn't resist and I took a picture.
It seems to me that the plant thanked me for the two years care!

I've been tagged!

I've been tagged by Maria of Let the good time roll , so here are the rules:

1. Link to the person who tagged you.
2. Post the rules on your blog.
3. Write 6 (or more) random things about yourself.
4. Tag 5 people at the end of your post and link to them.
5. Let each person know they’ve been tagged and leave a comment on their blog.
6. Let the tagger know when your entry is up.

But in between you also have to write something about yourself, something most people think, they don’t know about you. If you don’t want to expose your darkest sides – show only the sunny side of you, maybe they never find out the other stuff. So here goes, some of my pet hates and some of my joys!!!

1) I loved computers since I started blogging.
2) I like fishing.
3) I cry when I watch dramatic films.
4) I wanted to be a kindergarten teacher, but finally I studied economics.
5) I gave exams (again) to the university for a kindergarten teacher two years ago but I failed.
6)I would like to write a novel. Maybe someday I will...

I'll tag now the following persons:

1* Antigoni from "Antigoni's Diary"
2* Louise from "Potted Frog"
3* Leslie from "Photologue"
4* Anette from "Krakilette"
5* Brenda from "Plus"

Thursday, November 27, 2008

SkyWatch : A sunny day means a lot of work!

The sun rised today at 7:18 am while I was preparing breakfast for my daughters.
It was such a beautiful morning that I couldn't resist to take a picture of the sun and its morning colours.

It was a beautiful and perfect day for some housework I wanted to do for a long time.So as soon as I did my routine work (... beds, cooking,hang the washing, ect.), I started my sewing work. My fabrics are for curtains, covers for the cushions of my kitchen's sofa, sheets and pillowcases and last but not least for a slumber wear with an ugly picture of frogs!

My little niece wanted to help me and touched everything!

Finally I managed make my first work:
I made over a nasty pijama to a new one! Isn't it pretty?



I have a lot to do during the day.

So SkyWatchers don't be angry at me if I don't visit you at once!
In the meantime you can visit your other blog-friends!
I hope I'll do it through the weekend!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


My parents were blessed to born two girls:
Marina and Antigoni ( Anti for me!).

She lives in the same building with me and has three adorable girls.
Living with her so close has fun!
We help each other, we share secrets and...lunch (if it's tasty!!!) and when we are bored we...quarrel !

We're three and six at this photo...

...thirteen and ten here...

... and ... now!
Don't be impolite! Women don't say their age!!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

MY WORLD TUESDAY: Euripus sound (Halkida's port)

Halkida is a greek city at the island of Evia. It's famous bridge join Sterea with Evia.
That point is known as Euripus sound.

The channel has something special: the sea water changes direction every six hours! This phenomenon is the resault of the conjunct attraction of sun and moon at that spot and creates a tide.

The local athletes seize on the tide and practice at canoe-kayac .

The fishermen love fishing in both sides of the brindge.
Moreover the visitors enjoy the view by drinking a cup of hot coffee or chocolate at the coffee shops near the sound.

To see more places visit MY WORLD TUESDAY!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Today's Flowers: Roses...15 years old!

This bunch of flowers is my wedding bouquet!

I've kept it so many years to remind me the day that I said the big "YES" to my hubby and the "goodbye" to the celibacy!
Thank God, I haven't any regrets about that!
On the contrary, although fifteen years have passed, I feel that it was just yesterday that I met my beloved!

To see more "alive" and "fresh" flowers visit:

My first Christmas gift!!!

Christmas came earlier for me this year thanks to Tamara.
Last night as I was coming home from shopping I found a parcel from Canada. I left my groceries down and I run towards my house with my little treasure. I opened it very carefully - like it was going to broke - and I saw a beautiful hand made towel!

Isn't it gorgeous? She also sent me a Christmas card, my first one for Christmas!
It suits perfectly with my decoration!

Thank you so much Tamara!!!
You're a special blog friend!!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

SkyWatch Friday: Pigeons on a cord!

One of my neighbours has many cages with pigeons. He feeds them and grows them up and then he sells them (I hope alive). From time to time he leaves them fly free in the air. That was the moment that I took this photo. After a few minutes they went back to their cages as if they were going back home from a brief walk.

Do you want to see more of the SKY?
SkyWatch Friday!!!
Some friends have something to show you there!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

ABC WEDNESDAY: R for Remains of a good meal!

A few days ago we went to a trip to Evia.
We wanted to visit the Orthodox church of St. John the Russian in order to fulfil a
It was noon when we arrived there, so after our visit we went to a tavern and had a delicious meal.
The plates where empty soon enough because we were very hungry!
You can see the remains...
Do you want to know what was in those dishes?
Visit "Antigoni's Diary" ( in My World Tuesday) and you will see!!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

MY WORLD TUESDAY: A special day for my family

Several years ago my parents had a terrible car accident at exactly this day! A truck was coming towards them and as my father turned the car to the other side of the road, they found themselves in a big trench which was leading to a cliff! The car was inverted but my mom and dad were without scathe apart from some scratches.

So every year at this day we thank God for His protection of my parents.
We take a basket with five cob-loaves, an altar-bread, a bottle of oil and some flowers to decorate the bread and we go to the church.

This year I made a cake too.

After the Mass we distributed the bread and cake to everybody and they wished we all have good health.

Note: A few minutes before the accident my parents saw an old monk who was near the road and wave his hand to them. He asked them to drive him further down the road where his house was. They agried since it was getting darker and he would have to walk some miles. After five minutes he said: "Leave me here! My house is there! You're good people! God speed you and be carefull with the road!" My parents looked at each other and said goodbye to the monk. As he was walking away, my mom noticed that there wasn't any houses in that area except for a forlorn monastry. The old man dissapeared in the dark and my parents their way until they had the accident which - thank God - didn't cost their lives!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Today's Flowers: Unknown...

I wish I knew how this tree is called!
I just liked it and took a picture!

I really don't know if these are its flowers or fruits!
The only thing I know is that it looks really pretty, doesn't it?

Thanks to Pat my plant has its name. It's Pyracantha !

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Quahogs are a common appetizer for our fish taverns.
They cook them in many ways but I especially like them ramekin or alive with lots of lemon!

I have never bought quahogs to cook them because I can't understand if they're fresh or not.
I prefer to eat them at my friend's Soula's house.
She knows everything about them.
We hardly eat one or two because she can't stop eating when she has a plate full of them in front of her!!!

No,no I'm lying!!! She's a good hostess!!!
Unfortunately neither of us have ever found a pearl in them!!!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Today's Flower: Cyclamen

They usually grow in the mountains here in Greece and sometimes in a pot as mine! You meet it in many colours and varieties and it's always a great temptation for me not to cut some of them for my vase!

I dedicate these flowers to the man of my life since he had his birthday,three days ago!!!

Don't ask me about his age! His heart and so
ul are just 20!!!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

More awards for me!!!

These last days were very lucky for me!!!
I won two awards from Kostas and Antigoni and one gift from Tamara!!!
Yes....I'm really happy for all of them... :)

Kostas from "" gave me my second award! According to this I have to mention six things that I like in my life and six that I hate!

So I love...
1) my family
2) nature
3) to help other people
4) to cook
5) to knit and sew
6) to live

...and I hate...
1) lies
2) diseases
3) war
4) poverty
5) unkindness
6) death

My beloved sister Antigoni from "" gave me my third award! Isn't that exciting?

And now I'm in the happy position to announce my...chosens!
I give these two awards to:

*Ayamlin from Japan (
*Maria from Austria (
*Maria from Greece (
*Tamara from Canada (
*Mϋge from Turkey (
*Anette from Norway (
*Leslie from Canada (
*Louise from USA (
and last but not least I give the first award to
*Antigoni (

As for my gift... my friend Tamara ( went to a trip to Brazil and she decided that in honour of that she would do a draw for a towel! Guess what!!! I was the WINNER!!! As soon as my new towel arrives I'll show it to everybody!!!

Hoping I didn't tire you, I wish you all goodnight or... goodmorning!!! (It's 2.30am,here!)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


What's more pink than my youngest daughter?

This is her pink bedroom....

...these are her pink clothes...

...and these are her friends with whom she has made the music
band "Pink Girls".

Save for one thing: they don't really play any music!!!
They've just made a poster as a band for a school project!!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Today's Flowers: a bunch of Lilies and roses...

No, no I wasn't talking about these lilies...

This is our bunch of lilies and roses:

What a weekend!
As it'll be a history in a few hours I can take a minute for a comprehensive review:

My sis left the house at 8:00am to go for a weekend trip with her husdand.
I couldn't refuse the baby-sitting of her three lovlies and I became their "weekend mom" for a day and a half. It was her first weekend without children since she was married (9 years ago).

My hubby was painting his mother's house and I washed her curtains, windows,doors and kitchen fitments as soon as he finished his work.
And ofcoursed I COOKED!
For 11 people!!!

I prepared for gilrs my special "hotel breakfast" and they really cleaned every plate!!!

One of my cousins that I had a lot of time to see phoned and told me that he was coming to visit us in a few hours. Ofcourse I was very happy. The only thing that was eating me was that my oldest daughter had a history test and how would I help her!
My sister returned at 1:30pm and took her daughters home, my cousin left at 7:00pm and my head is all of a swim from history....! And I have tons of rough-dry clothes...!