Monday, November 17, 2008

MY WORLD TUESDAY: A special day for my family

Several years ago my parents had a terrible car accident at exactly this day! A truck was coming towards them and as my father turned the car to the other side of the road, they found themselves in a big trench which was leading to a cliff! The car was inverted but my mom and dad were without scathe apart from some scratches.

So every year at this day we thank God for His protection of my parents.
We take a basket with five cob-loaves, an altar-bread, a bottle of oil and some flowers to decorate the bread and we go to the church.

This year I made a cake too.

After the Mass we distributed the bread and cake to everybody and they wished we all have good health.

Note: A few minutes before the accident my parents saw an old monk who was near the road and wave his hand to them. He asked them to drive him further down the road where his house was. They agried since it was getting darker and he would have to walk some miles. After five minutes he said: "Leave me here! My house is there! You're good people! God speed you and be carefull with the road!" My parents looked at each other and said goodbye to the monk. As he was walking away, my mom noticed that there wasn't any houses in that area except for a forlorn monastry. The old man dissapeared in the dark and my parents their way until they had the accident which - thank God - didn't cost their lives!


Anonymous said...

Καλησπέρα Μαρίνα. Συνέχισε έτσι όμορφα.

Darla said...

Get out of here! God's saving grace. I do not know how to make grape leaves but would love to learn!! Wanna help?

antigoni said...

Thank God! It's a miracle. Thank you sis. Excellent post of our family.

Anette said...

This is a special story! I understand why you want to send your thanks because they were saved from the accident!


that is a true miracle, isn't it?
and the story of the monk is incredible!

JennWasHere said...

That's a very great way to say thank you. Thanks for welcoming us into your world.

Have a look of my world here. It was so great seeing your world!

Anonymous said...

Great story - and sure a part of your World!
Cheers, Klaus

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Thank you!
Your MyWorld Team

Louise said...

What a nice way to remember special blessings!

The Good Life in Virginia said...

indeed it is a special day and to give thanks is understood.

take care

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Arija said...

I am so glad you told the story of the monk. So often our guardian angel steps in to protect us when we least expect it.
Remember all the old tales where someone is asked to do a kindness and when he/she does, somehting good happens. If they refuse to share their bread with an old beggar then the reverse sets in. In all these tales God comes in the guise of an old infirm person to test us. Obviously your parents stood the test.
A wonderful story.

Denise said...

A heart-warming post and I am thankful that your parents survived such a dreadful accident. May your Guardian Angel always watch over and protect you and all your loved ones.

The Tile Lady said...

I had chills reading this story! God was truly looking out for your parents on that day! How beautiful to commemorate the anniversary of their brush with death (and being spared so wonderfully!) by having a mass and a celebration. God sent the monk to them!

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Wow! that is something about the Monk!
It reminds me of a story about my mother and I. We were driving up to my father's grave on the first anniversary of his death. I didn't often wear seatbelts in those days and she reached over and buckled me up before I started the car.
Before we got to the cemetary, I stopped for a traffic light and the car behind me hit us at 50 miles an hour. It totalled the car but neither of us were hurt beyond bruising. Even our seats were broken. I do believe that God sends angels to watch out for us.