Sunday, November 23, 2008

My first Christmas gift!!!

Christmas came earlier for me this year thanks to Tamara.
Last night as I was coming home from shopping I found a parcel from Canada. I left my groceries down and I run towards my house with my little treasure. I opened it very carefully - like it was going to broke - and I saw a beautiful hand made towel!

Isn't it gorgeous? She also sent me a Christmas card, my first one for Christmas!
It suits perfectly with my decoration!

Thank you so much Tamara!!!
You're a special blog friend!!!


Mediterranean kiwi said...

you are right - charcoal!
and you are lucky to have a lovely christmas card already!

Maria said...

What a nice Christmas present!
Ah, yes we have the first snow now! It is still lying on cars and roofs and on lawns!

antigoni said...

It's a beautiful gift.
I have something for you, too.
Love you, sis.

Tamara Jansen said...

Merry Christmas from Canada! I'm so glad to see your parcel has finally arrived. We wish you many blessings in this special time of the year :)