Saturday, November 8, 2008

More awards for me!!!

These last days were very lucky for me!!!
I won two awards from Kostas and Antigoni and one gift from Tamara!!!
Yes....I'm really happy for all of them... :)

Kostas from "" gave me my second award! According to this I have to mention six things that I like in my life and six that I hate!

So I love...
1) my family
2) nature
3) to help other people
4) to cook
5) to knit and sew
6) to live

...and I hate...
1) lies
2) diseases
3) war
4) poverty
5) unkindness
6) death

My beloved sister Antigoni from "" gave me my third award! Isn't that exciting?

And now I'm in the happy position to announce my...chosens!
I give these two awards to:

*Ayamlin from Japan (
*Maria from Austria (
*Maria from Greece (
*Tamara from Canada (
*Mϋge from Turkey (
*Anette from Norway (
*Leslie from Canada (
*Louise from USA (
and last but not least I give the first award to
*Antigoni (

As for my gift... my friend Tamara ( went to a trip to Brazil and she decided that in honour of that she would do a draw for a towel! Guess what!!! I was the WINNER!!! As soon as my new towel arrives I'll show it to everybody!!!

Hoping I didn't tire you, I wish you all goodnight or... goodmorning!!! (It's 2.30am,here!)


ayamlin said...

thank you marina!
I'm so happy:)
It's my great honor!
Thanks to marina!

Tamara Jansen said...

You are such a sweetheart! Thanks for the lovely I have to figure out how to post it. Your gift will go in the mail on Monday and my apologies for the delay :)


thank you marina - you're a lovely person too!

Maria said...

Oh my dear, Marina, it is soooo nice from you to give me this award! Thank you so very much! *blush* :)
You are such a lovely friend!

Leslie: said...

Hi Marina! Thanks for the award! I will post it as soon as possible.

antigoni said...

Thank you so much sis. You put me in the blog world and i'm very grateful of this. I made some very important and special friends. Thank you again.

antigoni said...

Now we are 3 to 3.HiHiHi!

Müge said...

Thank you very much dear Marina for this beautiful award! You are an ANGEL!

Best regards,


Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.