Sunday, April 18, 2010

Goodbye Greece...bonjour brussels!!!

Yes, the title is right: we're moving to bruxxeles- Belgium!
I hadn't realised it until I saw it written down!
A few days ago my hubby came home from his work and told me that he's been transferred to bruxxeles! After the first moments I had a million questions about schools, houses, how we will move our furniture, how is the weather there...
I'm so nervous and excited about everything!
I have so many things to think about! And so many decisions to make! But I have also three months ahead to take care of everything.

The only thing I know is that we're moving to a beautiful country, different from mine, more organized but rainy too! The communication is an issue for me too, since I don't speak French or Flemish. I'll probably use the language of my hands!!!

If you want to see what Bruxelles look like watch the following video...

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Spring brings flowers all over the earth.
It brings also the biggest celebration for christians: Easter!
This year,as every year,
I made our tradition sweets,
and tsourekia.
I painted the red eggs
and prepared some baskets
for my children's godmathers and grandparents.
Last night, as it was the Holy Saturday, we stayed at the church until one o'clock a.m. and then all my family shared the resurrectional dinner.
We ate mageiritsa
- m..m..m.. my mom cooks it perfectly
every year -
clinked red eggs.

While I'm writing these lines, the men of my family are roasting a lamp on a spit! That's our tradition for Easter!
I wish eveybody


to you and your families!