Thursday, February 26, 2009

A painful week!

This week can I describe it...difficult for me! Everything started the previous weekend...

Friday morning: As I was dressing up my daughter noticed that I had some grains at my waist. I thought that something had bite me and continued unabated
my schedule : I had to get my oldest to the dentist and prepare her birthday party for the next day!

Saturday: Panic in my house! The party was a carnival one, so we had to decorate properly,

prepare food for thirty teenagers

and move away the furnitures to make enough space for them to dance.
I was so busy that I totally forgot about my grains.
Despite everything, the party was great!

Sunday: My waist was enoying me and I was scratching it . I took a mirror and looked at it.
"Ow, my God, what's this?"

Monday morning: My dermatologist said that I had herpes zoster. That meant that I had the virus of chickenpox for the second time in my life -I had caught this disease when I was a college student. The BIG difference was that it was painful now, but luckily for me not so painful as other people had felt.

Now: I still take my medication and try not to think about it. It'll pass...!


Mediterranean kiwi said...

you really did have bad luck - i wish you a speedy recovery. the food looks fantastic (as it always does in your house)

Reader Wil said...

Marina and how are you now? It's painful indeed. I hope you soon will be better!. Next week I dedicate my posts to your country, because I was there in 2007! And ABC Wednesday has arrived to the letter G for Greece. Also That's My World, Sky Watch and Today's Flowers will have the Greek connection. I wish a speedy recovery!

Louise said...

Twice?! How horrible! You look like a master party planner!

Tamara Jansen said...

Oh NO! You poor thing! I hope you get well soon.....I've heard this can be quite bad for an adult :(

The party looks like it was fantastic!

Maria said...

An award: I ♥ This Blog is waiting for you on my page. Go get it and enjoy!

Maria said...

Oh you poor thing, that's not funny getting chickenpox as an adult! I do hope that you get well soon, I remember from my childhood that you are not allowed to scratch when it bites. And it bites a lot...
Your party looks so great! Wish I was your daughter :)))
Thanks for sharing and recover soon!

Anette said...

My husband had it (for the first time) after he had grown up, it was quite terrible for him (being a man, it felt even worse than it would have done for a woman of course... ) Hope you are better now!
We're going to Rhodos in May, I guess it's a bit to far from where you live, to meet up for a cup of coffee. Its a pity!

antigoni said...

You are super woman and super mother. A woman in pain to make a party for the daughter. Amazing strength.

Denise said...

I agree with your sister. It is out of a mother's love that got you through this and put on what looks like a fantastic party. Great photos and I hope by now that you are over this chicken pox virus.

MarizZzaA+$p!R0s said...

The party was fantastik.. We had a very good time =]♥

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