Thursday, March 19, 2009

SkyWatch Friday: Sea and Sky..

That icon always relax me and make me feel romanticly!
Enjoy it...

Monday, March 16, 2009

MY WORLD TUESDAY: My everyday schedule. (Part Two)

Everybody is waiting for noon to come in order to finish his/her job and go home to relax. But not me!!! Noon means reading and a lot of driving!Let's start from where I left you last week...
At 1.30pm my youngest daughter returns home from school. I set the table for her and me. Then she starts reading and writing. I set the table for second time for my oldest daughter at 2.00 o'clock and for third time at 4.00pm as soon as my hubby comes home from work. During that time I help my girls with their homework and drive them to their activities.
These are English, French and German lessons,
volleyball and drawing lessons. We finish everything at about nine o'clock and after my girls have their dinner they go to bed, at 10.15 my youngest and at about 11.00 pm my oldest. She insisted on going to bed at that time this year because she feels that she is a grown up girl now and don't need to sleep early like "chickens"!
"My time" usually starts at 10.00pm, when I sit down in my couch and rest. I watch my favorite series Greek and American eating a chocolate sweet from my beloved candy store. I like to watch "Lost", "Desperate housewives" and "Grey's anatomy".
I'm sure you all know them cause they're famous.
My day finishes at midnight when my eyes close from drowsiness.
Sweet dreams everybody....

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Monday, March 9, 2009

MY WORLD TUESDAY: My everyday schedule. (Part One)

Who likes the sound of the clock when it rings every morning before the sun rises?
I definitely don't!!! But what can I do?
At 7.00am my hubby leaves for his job. He's very lucky because he needs only ten minutes to get there! Then we, the girls, get ready for the schools.
At 8 o'clock I drive them to their schools: first my youngest and my nieces to the
primary school and then my oldest daughter to the high school. From that moment and for the next six hours I'm alone and try to do everything, from housecleaning to pay bills.
At 8.15 I'm at the supermarket and buy whatI need for lunch etc. or at the fishing market if I'm going to cook fish.
At 8.45 I buy hot bread from the bakery and sometimes fresh donuts. They make them mmm...yummy! Now I'm ready to cook! As long as the food is cooked I do everything in the house: ironing, dusting, smooth the sheets on the beds, etc.Fortunately I don't have to do external works everyday.
TodayI had to go to the post office which is room-mated with the City Hall.
Sometimes - mainly when I have cooked food from the previous day - I skip all these and go to my friend Poly's house for a hot coffee, gossip and company! Or we go to a coffee shop and drink there our coffee, seeing the view of the sea. We, housewives, have our strokes of fortune!
At 1.15 my youngest finishes school and at 2.00 my oldest one finishes too!

What happens later will be the issue of "My world Tuesday" next week! And believe me, my friends, it doesn't look like what happens in your countries when children are back from their schools! If I excited your curiosity read my post next week!

No, we aren't an forlorn island!
You don't see a lot of people in these photos because I took them on Sunday afternoon when most of the people relax after their lunch or just...sleep!

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Sunday, March 8, 2009

TODAY'S FLOWER: Almond blossom welcomes Spring...

As soon as almond blossoms we say that Spring is coming! You see that's the first flower we see before all nature wears her green and flowery dress.

More flowers are waiting for you at...

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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Chocolate tourta* for dessert...

Saturday morning and I was in a creative mood. I asked my youngest daughter what she would prefer for dessert,
a chocolate tourta or a white cake with pieces of chocolate and she voted the first one.
I can't keep back from you that we're lovers of every sweet which contains chocolate!

I believe that our tourta is fantastic to see it!
Imagine how it is when you taste it...!

*We call "
tourta" the cake that we don't bake in the oven.
It 's made of cream and sponge cake .

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I ♥ This Blog award.

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Thank you Maria for it ! I love your blog too!

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