Friday, January 1, 2010

Santa came last night...

Our tradition here in Greece says that Santa Claus comes in our houses every year, at midnight, between December the 31st and January the 1st. It seemed to me that I heard a "ho..ho..ho" last night but I didn't get up of my bed. I was too tired for that...

In the morning my girls were shouting that Santa had visited us and our shocks where full of candies and sweets.
There were presents for the girls too! In fact these were the second round of presents since they had recieved presents from us at the Christmas morning! But these presents where different because they were from Santa himself! And although they do know that Santa is not a real person we continue the tradition because we like to give and share happiness and smiles from each other.

This year Saint Nicolas won the coin at our Santa's cake!
I hope he protects us all!

I also feel grateful to have you, my friends, around me. I have recieved so much love from people I hardly know and I hope I have sent some back!
Thank you for your lovely presents and cards!


Denise said...

What a lovely tradition Marina and such beautiful photos, especially of those with your family. The ones with the girls? So cute! Again, may you and your dear family have a Very Happy and Healthy New Year. Thank you again for that beautiful gift you sent me. I am enjoying it so much.

Maria said...

Your Christmas looks perfect (and what a nice place you found for two little white birds :).
Your family looks really happy!
I hope our snow clouds will come to Greece soon! Even here in Vienna we have a thick snow cover of about 20 cm ! That's very unusal for Vienna!
Have a nice weekend, my dear!

antigoni said...

Beautiful photos sis! I most liked the family photo with vasilopita.
I wish you the best for the new year. Love, good health and happiness to be your best friends and all the people around you to see your smile every day.

Tamara Jansen said...

Happy New Year to you and your family! Wonderful to see you are all well and that you spent the holidays together with love :)

Denise said...

Hello my friend, these are beautiful. I hope all goes well with you. I wanted to stop by and let you know I have left a thank you for you on my blog.

antigoni said...

I had made a comment but it's gone.
Anyway, happy new year, sis. I wish you all the best, love happiness and good health for you and your family. Love you!!!

ayamlin said...

Hi Marina!
Your daughters look really pretty:)
I know your husband is very sweet to you and delightful even though I haven't see him.
by the way I sent something to you and antigoni last night.
but I forgot to put my letter in it.I wanna say thank you for your christmas present and kindness.

I watched your country's athletes in the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games just before. Japanese athletes haven't appeared yet:)

Tamara Jansen said...

That photo of your Andrea Bocceli CD inspired me to send you a couple of CD's! I hope you are well and see a little parcel in the mail soon :)

(I sent some to your sister too!)