Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas everybody!!!

Happy Christmas everybody!!!
I wish you had a very good time yesterday and that you didn't eat sooo much as I did and still am!
Our Christmas programme was saying: church at 7.30 in the morning, opening presents after church, eating Christmas supper with our parents, coffee and chocolate cake in front of the fireplace and tea-party -for women only- at my bridesmaid's house in the afternoon! Unfortunalely it changed a lot!

While we were at the church my father-in-low collapsed! He's a 91 years old man with heart problems. We transfer him to a doctor and then to the hospital. Luckily it wasn't anything serious and he returned home at five o'clock in the afternoon. My hubby and his brother were with their father all the time so our Christmas supper had only one man, my father and five women, my mother, my mother-in-low, my daughters and me. We had opened our presents in the morining in a great hurry because my husband had to leave with his father and also we didn't want to dissappoint our children who were waiting for this day for a long time...

In the afternoon we all were very tired with all the days running but I couldn't miss my bridesmaid's tea-party. It was an opportunity for me to relax and laugh with my girl-friends.
Her house was beautifully bedighted, like it was a part of a magazine!

Look at her tree...

the decoration of her tables (two of them)...

the delicacies...

She even had a present for each of us set in the cups...

Everything was perfect and we had a very relaxing time!

Imagine that she did all these despite she hadn't water because of a damage at the delivery pipe of the water!!!

While I was returning back home I was thinking how everything can change from the one time to another. And that nothing is more significant than health...

Now a short message for Soula and Filippa, my friends who live in Italy and have two lovely children, George and Eleftheria (my god-daughter):
It's been 17 years since we married you ,hasn't it?
We wish you'll be so happy as you're now for ever and ever!!!


Tamara Jansen said...

I am so sorry to hear about your father-in-law getting sick so suddenly and I'm glad to hear that he is doing better as well. It is amazing how life can change from minute to minute. It's a very good reason to count our blessings often in our lives!

Your friends party looked just wondeful!

Anette said...

Christmas became a bit more dramatic than you had thought it would be! It was good that he's still ok! Your friend made a lovely party for the girls!

Mediterranean kiwi said...

this was an absolutely beautiful post! i love your photos marina - i must admit i am not such a fancy housewife, but what you and your bridesmaid have done to celebrate is worth a million dollars
what a pity about your father-in-law - these things happen, but it sounds like it didn't stop you from enjoying the day
i hope these days will be relaxing and happy for you
i am including the christmas presents you sent me on a post at the end of the month
we can wish in the good year next week!

Reader Wil said...

Hi Marina, you must have had a wonderful family meeting and delicious food! I am glad you liked my UNICEF souvenir! I wish you and your family a healthy new year. I am sorry that your father -in- law has had heart problems I hope he is better now.

Tamara Jansen said...

Hi Marina! I must have commented on some one else's blog to answer the cleaning up question. Isn't that just the funniest thing?

Anyway, no one will buy poinsettias after Dec 25 so we just have to throw the plants away. We have allready given many of the left overs away but we had 5,000 plants and not enough institutions to give them too :(

Oh well, that's what happens every year :)

Maria said...

Greece housewives manage to acieve the impossible! So you have had a lovely party! I hope that your father in law is better now!
And I wish you and your family all the best for the new year 2009, with many lovely family celebrations!
Hugs and kisses, Maria