Friday, July 17, 2009

One year anniversary on my name-day!

A year has already passed since I created this blog, this small window to the world, to all my foreign friends. A year full of happy and sad moments or events. That's the way life goes.

Things are better for me now. I was opperated at my thyroid a month ago and I'm in the middle of my treatment. I got a job at the local post office. That helped me a lot psychologically. I do something I always wanted: work with people around me!

At this point I want to THANK YOU for being my friends.
THANK YOU for your support, wishes and presents Ayamlin, Denise, Tamara, Maria-kiwi, Anette, Maria-Austria, Jenny!!! You all have a place in my heart. My special thanks to my sister who helped me a lot in many ways.

As for my name-day...
I want to make a wish: I wish for health to all the people!!!
I know it's a common wish but It's the first time I trully mean it!