Sunday, April 19, 2009


Christ has arised-Χριστός Ανέστη!

Τhis is what we Greeks call Easter:

the girls make a beautiful bouquet of daisies and poppies
to decorate the festive board properly...

we spike a lamb...
we srike red eggs...

we prepare a festive board and we dance...

and eat to a surfeit!
We had a wonderful time this year!
I wish you were here to celebrate with us !

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Monday, April 13, 2009

MY WORLD TUESDAY: Easter sweets!

It's a tradition for my family to make our own sweets for Easter. When I was child I was looking forward to these days to come in order to make with my mom and sister a dough for "tsoureki".- Tsoureki is a kind of sweet bread that my family makes at Easter.- I was waiting until the dough was ready and then my mom split it in many pieces. One of them was mine and another one was for my sister. Years came by and now I'm the mom who seperates and splits the dough. After so many years of making the "tsoureki" I still find magic the way that the dough rises and double its size!

These two little dough children are Lazarus,
one for every child that lives in the house.

We also make buns in several shapes.

This year my youngest won our family's prize for the nicest bun! She made a special flower-bun!

Our work doesn't stop when the oven is turned off. I prepare four baskets with the sweets for the grandmothers and my girls' godmothers who come home to bring to their godchildren a candle and a present(usually shoes).


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Sunday, April 5, 2009

TODAY'S FLOWER: Camomile, a wild flower.

Spring brings many flowers in my yard, wild or not. One of them that I really like is camomile.

As soon as the blossoms are open and rich, I collect them and put them in a pan down the hot sun in order to dry them. Then I put them in a plastic vase.

They're ready to be a hot brew for next Winter.

Or a compress for my tired eyes...

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